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Keep Calm and Keep Exporting…

As Brexit looms and negotiations remain unclear, YDL have put together some tips to help ensure that all importing and exporting can continue in the most efficient way possible. There are 3 practical steps that can be taken at this point to prepare:
– Get an EORI number issued by the UK if you do not already have one. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to apply at gov.uk and by searching ‘EORI’ in the search bar.
– Establish your customs commodity codes for each product you import or export from the UK. Go the following website – https://www.tariffnumber.com and search for your precise product.
Customs Duty: It may also be worth looking into any customs duty which may be payable on non E.U imports. Using the code you just found above. Visit the below website, change to country to USA or Australia and hit retrieve measures:
For further info or network specific advice please contact our Sales Team.

Did You Know..?

1. Our Pallet network; TPN won the prestigious ‘Pallet Network of the year’ at the FTA Multimodal Awards?
2. Our whole network is ISO 9001 accredited?
3. We have just launched a European pallet network service? Can your carrier offer the same? contact our sales Team for more info…

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YDL Christmas Services…

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